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"Choose a practical centrepiece. Make sure you don't obscure guests' views and make your centrepiece a bit of a tactile experience"

F&H-Entertaining-March-2013 F&H-Entertaining-March-2013 (13646 KB)

GARDEN AND HOME | 01-Feb-2013

"I’m involved with a lot of formal functions through my work so when I entertain at home it has to be relaxed and intimate, sitting around the table with friends, catching up over a fantastic meal."

2013 Feb Garden and Home 2013 Feb Garden and Home (635 KB)


"The plant that can grow to shoulder height, is covered in robust foliage and produces many blooms. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Otto de Jager rose will benefit an Aids foundation of De Jager's choice."


"Here's the scoop on the new Otto de Jager rose. Firstly, it's the prettiest, punchiest pink rose we've seen in a while. Secondly, it was developed by the lovely Ludwig's Roses and named after one of our favourite, most stylish events organisers."

HOUSE & LEISURE | 01-Oct-2012

"For me, a project is always most successful when the interior is in perfect synergy with the architecture. In this case the landscape and interior continued with the logical design process that was set up from day one. That’s why it works so beautifully within itself."

House and Leisure - October 2012 House and Leisure - October 2012 (1221 KB)


"The decor was done by Otto de Jager – another incredibly generous gift – and he completely blew us away! I was so overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and scale of it all. Otto created one long table, with beautifully personalised napkins and endless hydrangeas and pomegranates in a selection of beautiful clear vases. The butterflies and dragonflies that our bridal party carried were his idea too – they were made of plywood and spray-painted white."

Wedding Inspirations - September 2012 Wedding Inspirations - September 2012 (1015 KB)

HOUSE & GARDEN | 01-Sep-2012

"The host or hostess need to express their personality in the table setting. Do away with base plates to avoid an overly formal look. Grouping the same flowers together creates a stronger dialogue than mixing them up."

House & Garden - Gourmet - Spring-2012 House & Garden - Gourmet - Spring-2012 (439 KB)

MY WEDDING DAY | 01-Sep-2012

"Foremost it should be understood, that to ensure perfect entertaining one crucial consideration should be met: no one element is more important than another. For example, the menu and the quality of recipe can be of the highest calibre but if presented on inferior porcelain or a table setting without charm, then all the effort put solely into the food is gone to waste."

My Wedding Day - Issue No. 8 My Wedding Day - Issue No. 8 (487 KB)

BUSINESS DAY | 01-Aug-2012

"I wanted to avoid doing the same things over and over. It was important for me to interpret a wedding and what it means for a couple in the most honest way possible, making it an occasion that truly stands out."

Business Day-Wanted Magazine Supplement-Aug 2012 Business Day-Wanted Magazine Supplement-Aug 2012 (967 KB)

BUSINESS DAY | 01-May-2010

"He inherited his aesthetic sense from his father, a surgeon who expressed himself creatively through "beautiful carpentry and a magnificent bonsai collection." But it was his mother who nurtured his talent, sending him to art lessons and encouraging his artistic interests in things like music and ballroom dancing."

Business Day - Wanted Magazine Supplement Business Day - Wanted Magazine Supplement (670 KB)

HOUSE & LEISURE | 01-Apr-2010

"Turn your festive Easter table into a work of art with an array of beautiful things - Production by Otto de Jager."

House & Leisure-April-2010 House & Leisure-April-2010 (2233 KB)


"After the ceremony, guests made their way to a penthouse apartment in inner-city Johannesburg, which Otto dressed for the theme with baroque silk cushions, antique books, teak, silver and bone."

F&H-Entertaining-July-2009 F&H-Entertaining-July-2009 (2770 KB)

HOUSE & LEISURE | 01-Jun-2009

"I wouldn’t add any more to this collection. I wouldn’t want to clutter what is here. Each piece is irreplaceable – everything is hand-picked. Together, they are a portrayal of who I am. It’s not about being accurate historically but about pieces that won’t date. The emphasis is on heritage, but modern elements exist to remind you that you’re in 2009."

House & Leisure - June 2009 House & Leisure - June 2009 (3616 KB)


"For a moment, guests thought they were in a night market far away, Most impressive of all was that it took renowned events coordinator, Otto de Jager just three weeks to replicate this "other world", a mammoth task that would normally have taken three months."

F&H Entertaining - June 2008 F&H Entertaining - June 2008 (1140 KB)

THE CITIZEN | 24-Jun-2006

"The lighting was ingeniously handled by Otto de Jager, whose parties are always beautifully thought out..."

The Citizen - 24 June 06 The Citizen - 24 June 06 (139 KB)


""My jaw dropped", says Kim. It surpassed all my expectations" Inside was a 49 metre-long banquet table decorated with bowls of roses (7 000 garden roses in different stages of bloom were used for the whole wedding) among which were interspersed candelsbra, handmade crystal pieces, bunches of rosemary, lavender and olive vine, and lemons and bunches of grapes."

F&H-Entertaining-April-2005 F&H-Entertaining-April-2005 (3948 KB)


"Otto was one of the contributors to the original Pasella Kook, creator of the romantic chapter, with high tea as the theme, "I used my grandmother's scone recipe, and worked with wonderful desserty things like pear soufflés and watermelon sorbet, " he says."

F&H-Entertaining-Nov-2004 F&H-Entertaining-Nov-2004 (2345 KB)

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